​National Museum of Scotland

​This is one of the biggest museums in Scotland which came into existence through the merger of the new Museum of Scotland and Royal Scottish Museum. It has an extensive collection about the history and culture of Scotland. It also has a special national war museum which features exhibitions about 400 years of Scotland at war.

​Our Dynamic Earth

This is an earth science museum to help visitors better understand scientific theories such as Big Bang, plate tectonics and glaciation.

​Scottish National Zoological Park

​This is a foremost tourist attraction located on Corstorphine Hill. It provides visitors a glimpse of the different wildlife animals and

​Tourist Attractions

​Edinburgh attracts millions of tourists from around the world annually. It is home to some of the most popular tourist-

Museum of Edinburgh

Located in Huntly House on the Canongate, this is the place to go for people interested in learning about the history of Edinburgh.

​Writers' Museum

​Located in Lady Stair’s House at the Lawnmarket, this museum is dedicated to three important Scottish writers namely-

​Shopping Places

​Edinburgh is also a popular destination for shopaholics. Among the shopping malls and stores, that can be found in the city included Louis Vuitton,

Surgeons' Hall Museum

One of the oldest museums in Scotland, this museum holds unique artefacts including collections from Charles Bell,


​Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the seat of the Scottish government since the 15th century from the monarchs and now the parliament.

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